5 Best Home Remedies for Cellulite

Cellulite is a common problem that’s affecting almost all women. It often makes women feel unattractive and lowers their body confidence. If you wish to deal with this problem then here are a few remedies you can try at home for cellulite. They are inexpensive, expedient and show great results. What are they? Let’s have a look:

  1. Tomato Remedy: Rubbing tomato paste on the most affected areas can be a boon for the cellulite problem. Tomato paste that’s offered in a glass bottle is the best. You can even make it at home by crushing three tomatoes with three tablespoons of fresh lime juice. Lycopene present in the tomato paste would help reducing collagen under the skin and your skin will be cellulite free in short order.
  2. Coffee Solution: Take a quarter cup of coffee grounds and add three tablespoons each of sugar and melted coconut oil to it. Mix it and create a paste that can be stored in a glass bottle. You can then use this paste twice or thrice a week for a few minutes and rinse it off. It will show considerable results within a few weeks without damaging your skin at all.
  3. Green Tea is the Key: Replacing your daily coffee boost with green tea can help a lot. Green tea reduces the production of enzymes that absorb fat and thus make your skin fat free from the inside. After all, cellulite is just additional fat cells that float under the skin and make it look bad form the outside. So green tea can help you get rid of all the fat quickly. Drink this tea three times a day for a few weeks and see the results for yourself.
  4. Apple Cider Vinegar with Simple Water: Mix equal amount of apple cider vinegar with water and put in on the cellulite affected area for approximately one hour. Then cover it with plastic and go about your business. After one hour, simply rinse it with water and you’ll see that the cellulite has reduced in just a few weeks.
  5. Simple Massage: What’s better than a massage after a tiring day? Nothing we guess. So when you are taking a bath after a long day, give a massage to yourself and focus especially on cellulite-prone areas. You can alternatively use a foam roller to get good results as they hardly have any side effects and work with efficiency. Just remember to massage the cellulite prone areas first and then wash off the toxins in a bath to get the best results.

Apart from trying these simple home remedies for cellulite, you should also control fat, sugars, salts and processed food intake in your diet. Having an active lifestyle that burns calories and prevents the formation of cellulite is also another simple solution for cellulite. Trust us; these little changes are far better than going through medical procedures for cellulite or buying expensive products that show temporary results only.

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