Food for anti-aging

Aging is a natural process and people all across the globe are always looking for ways to slow down the process of aging. Women remain more concerned with the emergence of wrinkles, cellulite, and scars on their faces and thus apply all sorts of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle creams. Similarly, men mostly dye hair to hide the effect of aging.


Food is one component which not only slows down the effects of aging, but the right selection also keeps you healthy, fresh and young.  The diet composition should include all those items which should trigger the metabolic rate and help in combating the impacts of aging on hair, teeth, bones, and muscles. So let’s see which food we need to include in our daily diet:


  1. Orange Hydrates: Yes, orange in the form of fruit or juice is one ultimate food reducing the aging. It keeps the skin hydrated, fresh, bright and also keeps the sufficient amount of Vitamin C intact. It would not be an exaggeration that all fruits are good for the skin, for triggering metabolic rates and for the right amount of multivitamins in the body.
  2. Try Fish: Fish and all other kinds of seafood are the best source of fatty acid and Omega 3 fatty acids. They help in combating the threat to your heart, reduces chances of brain stroke and also fight against Alzheimer’s disease. You can try various forms of fish, like tuna, salmon or trout. Make it a habit of eating fish rather having red meat.
  3. Take Milk & Dairy Products: Bones are the key area which gets weak with aging and the first one to know the symptoms of aging. Include dairy products in your everyday diet. Take milk, yogurt, and other mil related products. Don’t go for the rich, fat milk; it is better to adapt to Cow’s milk. The good amount of low-fat milk in the diet ensures the right amount of Vitamin D in the body, muscles and the bones.
  4. Include Beans and Lentils in your diet: Fibre is also essential for reducing the risks of the heart attack. Beans and lentils are the best alternatives for red meat and an excellent source of saturated fats. Another good thing is the lentils and beans are not heavy on your pockets and you can easily purchase them.
  5. Add turmeric to your daily diet: an addition of turmeric is also said to reduce the chances of cancer and helps in the formation of antioxidants in the body. Turmeric reduces the chances of any damage to the brain and reduces the formation of wrinkles and scars on the skin.
  6. Live green: green vegetable either in raw form or in the juice form are the excellent source of vitamins and minerals. During the summer season, select cucumber, mint, lime and kiwi fruit. If you make around 8-ounce juice, it will be equal to two main salad, thus the intake of proper food.
  7. Try berry to remain young: you can not only enjoy berries but also use them as a fruit for reducing the arrival of aging. Get black or blueberries because they are rich in antioxidants and improve memory and stops the growth of cancer cells.
  8. Get Cruciferous vegetables: of all other vegetables in reducing aging, two knowns are cauliflower and broccoli. They help in the breakdown of food items in the liver and help in the digestion process.
  9. Green tea: green tea is not only ideal for losing weight, but they also help you in keeping skin fresh and hydrated for a long period of time. You need not worry about aging if you have the habit of taking green tea every day regularly.
  10. Dark chocolates: Do you love chocolate? Then we have a good news for you. Dark chocolate not only helps in reducing weight but also play smart against the aging signs. Cocoa beans make chocolates an excellent antioxidants and they help in reducing the reaction of ultraviolet rays on the skin due to repeated exposure to the sun rays. Make sure you get dark chocolate for anti-aging purposes because it’s only this which reduces the effects of aging.
  11. Include garlic in your food. You can make your food delicious by adding garlic to it. it will not only make your food delicious but also keeps your skin protected against aging. It lowers the blood cholesterol level and in return keeps the blood pressure under control.

Try any or all of these dietary habits an stay young for long.

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